Layer pads or layer sheets are the perfect additional layer of protection for ensuring the safe transportation of stock. Layer sheets provide surface protection and to stop abrasion between layers of products so that businesses can ensure effective protection they need. 

Traditionally, open flute correx sheets or corrugated cardboard have been the go-to’s within the industry. Although with increasing pressures of switching to eco-friendly materials, the packaging industry has witnessed a change in demand. 

Many companies are now looking to go green in a bid to help support the sustainability of our planet and enhance their competitive advantage. 

Eco-friendly layer sheets

Tri-Pack’s Sealed Edge Layer Sheets have evolved from these traditional means to a 100% recyclable and eco-friendly alternative, with the additional superior properties of sealed edges. 

Fabricated from 100% recyclable polypropylene, the sheets can be collected by any of the numerous UK plastics recyclers and return value will be given for this valuable waste stream ready to embark upon its next life.

Not only are Tri-pack’s layer pads environmentally-friendly, but they also outperform the competition on all fronts. Using patented technology, Tri-pack seals the open fluted end which is typical of correx sheets. This seal provides a closed flute which is cleaner, stronger, and fibre free. The sheets are 100% waterproof and offer excellent puncture-resistant properties which also keep it head and shoulders above the competition. 

Tri-Pack can produce bespoke layer sheet designs tailor-made for your product range with varying sealed edge, radius or chamfered designs to suit any industry requirement. Within the produce or seafood sectors, Tri-pack’s layer pads have the additional abilities to help to keep contents closer for longer. Stacking sealed edge layer pads between contents can help to lock in the low temperatures as the dual-wall acts as a barrier to the external elements.

Layer sheets are available for a number of specifications and industries:








Food & Beverage

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