Premium Insulated Home Delivery Box

Ambient temperature transportation of chilled & frozen goods

Superior insulative performance

Made from 100% recyclable materials that can be recycled again and again

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You can rely on our home delivery boxes to get your chilled or frozen products to your customer without having to worry about time-temperature abuse of your perishable goods outside the cold chain. Suitable for delivery times of up to 48hrs whilst maintaining temperatures in the range of -18C to 8C. If you want to showcase your products from the moment your customer opens the box then this is the one for you.

Helping to look after our environment is at our core. Consequently our boxes are made of recycled materials that can be further recycled in your customers recycling bin sending it on its journey to its next life.

Produced in our AA Grade BRC accredited factory, our premium home delivery boxes are strong, lightweight, durable and waterproof and can be delivered flat packed for easy storage and can be easily made up prior to packing.

Available in both medium (435mm x 300mm x 175mm) and large (600mm x 400mm x 200mm) sizes, with minimum order quantity of 2,000 for our bespoke, printed versions.


Each box contains fully recyclable, super insulation material within the cavity walls, which keeps chilled and frozen produce at required temperatures for longer periods of time. Made of recycled plastic bottles we are doing our bit to help the environment by making use of something that is often thrown away.

Our tests have proven, frozen goods packed with dry ice will keep a temperature of below -18°C over 48 hours at ambient. Alternatively, stored with Gel Packs, frozen produce will remain frozen for 48 hours at ambient temperatures. Giving both supplier and consumer confidence that the produce will be delivered safe and fresh.

Bespoke sizes can be manufactured subject to volume.

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Insulated Home Delivery Box

Our budget-friendly option with super insulation, made with 100% recyclable materials

Our Budget-friendly alternative with the same high quality and benefits

For our higher volume customers, we have developed a budget friendly box offering the same insulation properties and benefits of our premium box, at a reduced cost. Instead of the cavity walls being insulated and having a separate lid, these packs are supplied with super insulative pouches with an integrated box lid . Suitable for goods where a premium pack may not be required.

Its made of the same recycled recyclable materials so you can still be assured that you are doing something good for the environment.

Available in small, (400mm x 300mm x 120mm) medium (400mm x 300mm x 150mm) and large (400mm x 400mm x 180mm).

The boxes come complete with an insulative pouch and we can also supply gel packs.

The small box holds 5.5kg of goods, the medium box 6.5kg and the large 8.5kg


biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable Plastic

Made from GAG, which is part of the same family as PET, the most easily recycled plastic in the world, can simply be disposed of in regular plastic recycling waste bins.

No breakage packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% unbreakable plastic

Made from a strong and durable material, the face visor is unbreakable and therefore provides the wearer with complete protection, safely.

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable

Every component of our packaging; the plastic, glues and inks are 100% recyclable.

Superior Insulation

Tried, tested and measured, all Tri-pack packaging has far superior insulation properties than our competitors when in a complete cold chain meaning your product arrives safe and fresh.

100% waterproof packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Washable for reuse

Using soap and warm water and alcohol or ethanol-based solution. The visors can be completely disinfected to be used again.

100% natural packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Natural

Polypropylene can be incinerated without any harm to the environment, it gives off only water-vapour and carbon dioxide, which is then converted by photosynthesis.

BRC Certificated business | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

A Grade BRC Certificated

Tri-Pack are A Grade BRC Global standard certificated. The BRC Global standards are a leading global safety and certification program for food packaging manufacturers.

eco-friendly packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Eco Friendly

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and not a single use material