Here at Tri-pack we manufacture eco-friendly polypropylene packaging solutions for business.

Working in many industries from seafood and produce to pharmaceuticals and construction. All our products are manufactured in our certificated FSA approved facilities, based in the heart of industrial Grimsby. We offer a comprehensive packaging solution including design, manufacture, branding and shipping, but with a difference.

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The material of choice here at Tri-pack is polypropylene, why you might ask? Because it is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly to manufacture.

We have a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, not only in our offices but through our products which we manufacture and our through our distribution channels.

Polypropylene is a strong and durable material making it perfect for plastic packaging, without adapting the stigma of being ‘plastic’.

Being able to recycle the complete product back to its raw compound to be used again and again is what makes polypropylene the perfect packaging solution.

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Design and development

Everything we do is bespoke to you

When people hear the word ‘bespoke’ they think it warrants a high price tag, but not at Tri-pack, we remain competitively priced whilst still offering this bespoke packaging solution. 

All of our tooling has either been made in-house or adapted in-house. Not only does this mean our services can not be replicated, but it means we have discovered a cost-efficient approach to manufacturing packaging.



We also offer a unique printing experience on all our packaging. Gone are the days of dull and single colour print on cardboard boxes. Now your packaging can be your unique point of sale, with high quality, professional printing.

Tri-pack can print in any colour to any design, your unique boxes can include sales messages, logos and more!

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The sealed edge.

The clever bit that makes us the market leader.

We are patented packaging manufacturers. Our patented sealed edge technology is what makes us the market leader, and your packaging the most reliable choice. Sealing the edges of the packaging means we close the two fluted edges together in turn this:

  1. Traps the air inside creating a thermal barrier
  2. Strengthens the finished product
  3. Makes it imperishable to dust or dirt
  4. Adds to its 100% waterproof properties
  5. Keeps the product inside cooler and fresher for longer

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Once the packaging is erected.

Its time for the flat-packing.

To save you space and ultimately costs in shipping and warehousing, all Tri-packs products can come flat-packed. This can mean up to 70% more packaging can be shipped on a single pallet. This adds to our mission for a greener future, by cutting back on distribution, aids for a cleaner environment and also saves you a pretty penny.

You can check out how much our packaging solution helped produce giant Wealmoor below.

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