Branded face visors

Our protective face shields have been created from 100% recyclable plastic. They are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear while providing the user with added protection against the coronavirus.

To go one step further our face shields are branded and can be printed on, in any design or colour you wish. Print can go on the clear visor or on the headband. The most popular choices to date have been NHS branding, rainbows and company logos.

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Face visors with a difference…

While the purpose of a face visor is to protect the wearer and those they come into contact with. They do have a medical perception and look to them. Tri-pack’s aim is to soften the harsh, medical impact of the face visor while keeping it completely safe. Providing more positive connotations towards it in non-health care environments.

The unrelenting reality is that even once the world returns to some form of ‘normality’ those in public-facing sectors will still have a requirement to protect themselves and those around them. Tri-pack’s branded face visors can be printed bespoke to your every need. From company logos, colours, branding, to positive messages or sales patter there is no limit to the printing capabilities. Printing is available on both the top banner which can come raised, as shown in the image or as a flat band. It is also available on the front visor.

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PPE face visors for schools

During a recent survey, Tri-pack found that the traditional full face visors are daunting and intimidating to children, especially those within early-year education. Tri-pack are aiming to help combat this problem. While keeping the staff within schools and pupils safe by wearing effective face visors, Tri-pack’s PPE is adding print and colour to this equipment. Printed with rainbows, school branding, or even drawings from pupils, the visor is now medically fit yet has a much softer and more welcoming appearance.

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PPE face visors for the food industry

It is almost impossible to effectively serve food and drink without coming in close proximity to other people. There is guidance for anyone coming in contact with the public to wear effect PPE; including face visors. But why not put on spin on this negative situation to spread some cheer to your customers. Tri-pack’s high-quality printed face visors are not only manufactured under Grade A BRC certification with approval for the food industry and in line with new PPE regulations. They can also be printed to any requirement. Share some gratitude to our NHS, brand with your company logo or simply spread joy with bright colours.

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PPE face visors for shops

Shopworkers are a key necessity during the global pandemic, risking themselves every day to ensure the general public does not go without. There has been a real struggle to purchase cost-effective and safe safety products to protect employees and customers alike. Tri-pack aim to fill this void and take it one step further. Leave a lasting impression on your customers buy branding your protective face visors with your corporate message, sales pitch, gratitude or rainbow. Our protective face visors can be printed with any design and delivered directly to your store.

PPE face visors for care homes and health visitors

Those in care homes can often find medical imagery and connotations very intimidating. Many are unable to understand the severity of the coronavirus nor the requirement for additional safety measures. Tri-pack is aiming to help care homes, their residents and committed employees by keeping them safe, without the daunting harsh medical feel of a mask. Printing rainbows, joyful colours or personal designs can make staying safe around the elderly a much easier task whilst reducing the risk of passing on the virus.

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PPE face visors for beauty industry

For the time being, beauty salon, hairdressers and any other service where social distancing cannot be followed remain closed. But this won’t be forever. When the restrictions are lifted, there will still be a duty of care for both staff and customers. Our full-face visors can help contain the spread of the coronavirus when used effectively and aims to also put a simple of your client's faces.

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Important information

Tri-pack manufacture protective visor’s for additional protection against COVID-19. Our visor’s are not a PPE device for general use and shall not be used for purposes other than protection against COVID-19. They also do not provide full protection against the virus and gloves, masks, goggles or other PPE is still recommended for complete protection.