There is no escaping the press at the moment with their negatives around plastics. The term ‘plastic’ seems to now be linked purely to plastic packaging found in foods, bottles or carrier bags and the negatives of it polluting our planet. But that is only a tiny portion of all plastics.

Plastic improves our lives. Fact.

Plastics are actually in thousands of different items we touch every day. What are you reading this on? Laptop? Phone? These will contain plastic.
Plastic keeps our police and armies safe; it is found in bullet-proof vests and in helmets. It is in our carpets, blankets, sofas, pillows, beds; it keeps us safe, warm and comfortable. 50% of modern cars are made of plastic. Heating and other energy systems are also made from plastic. There is no escaping the fact that plastic is good and we do need it in our everyday lives.

There are varying types of plastic, which is where the media goes wrong. They fail to address these different types and tarnish all plastic as bad. When in fact, we do need plastic for survival.

Plastic in packaging

Plastic is a lightweight, mouldable and strong material. Making it the perfect material for packaging. Plastic packaging is seen across almost every industry. From creating tamper-proof packaging for poisons, medications or chemicals. To airtight or waterproofed properties for fresh produce or seafood. While plastic is seen in over 90% of all packaging, there are some types of plastic which is not a ‘good plastic’. Polystyrene, for example, is made up of a chemical base which when produced is harmful for the environment and not widely recycled. Polypropylene, however, is a good type of plastic used in plastic packaging which is 100% recyclable.

The circular economy

The circular economy refers to minimising waste. It means that a product can be manufactured, distributed, consumed, recycled and returned back to its complete raw material for the cycle to start again. Polypropylene is a type of plastic which fits perfectly into the circular economy model.

It is also the ultimate good plastic, as not only is it eco-friendly to manufacture, it also has an endless list of positive properties. It is perfect for the pharmaceuticals environment for being dust and fibre free. It is also waterproof and insulated for the food packaging sector and has even been known to replace harmful carbon-loaded plant trays.

Tri-pack manufacture all of their products with polypropylene and its capabilities are endless. They started in the seafood sector, providing the ultimate dual-walled packaging and protection for frozen and fresh seafood. The increase in awareness for environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging has opened new avenues for Tri-pack to explore. Including, automotive parts, construction sheeting and protection right through to iced herb trays.

If you too would like to move your packaging to an eco-friendly and totally recyclable product, speak to Tri-pack today.