CoolSeal Seafood Packaging

The leading industry alternative to polystyrene fish boxes

Coolseal is the industry leading alternative to EPS or polystyrene fish boxes. Coolseal was designed by Tri-pack to revolutionise the seafood industry – with a cost-effective and more sustainable solution to transporting and distributing fish and seafood across the UK, Europe and beyond.

As the industry leading alternative to polystyrene fish boxes, Coolseal boxes provide a high-quality temperature controlled packaging solution to help you move fish and seafood through the cold chain in a more sustainable and economical way. Whether you are looking at fish packaging for haddock, cod, or salmon to langoustines or lobster, there’s a Coolseal box for you and your fish processing operations.

Made from 100% recyclable material, Coolseal fish boxes are made from polypropylene – a more sustainable and environmentally friendly material than polystyrene. Aside from being a more sustainable option, Coolseal fish packaging offers a whole host of benefits for those in the seafood industry.

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Why should you switch from polystyrene fish boxes to Coolseal?

Polystyrene is a huge problem when it comes to marine pollution. For an industry that relies on the marine environment, the fishing industry needs a more sustainable fish packaging alternative to EPS or polystyrene fish boxes.

Coolseal is the industry leading alternative to help solve the polystyrene problem. Not only does Coolseal offer all the same performance characteristics as polystyrene fish boxes, but has a whole host of additional benefits for the seafood sector too:

Store up to 80% more packaging

Due to the flat-pack design of Coolseal fish packaging, storage space can be freed up when compared to bulky EPS polystyrene fish box counterparts. With 8-% more boxes per pallet, you will receive fewer inbound packaging deliveries, and can free up valuable storage space that could even allow for production expansion.

Ship 30% more product per pallet

Coolseal seafood packaging isn’t as bulky as EPS polystyrene fish packaging, which allows for a much greater amount of product per pallet. In fact, Coolseal boxes allow for 30% more fish on a single pallet. This translates to less outbound deliveries needed and a potential big reduction in your transport costs.

Low cost seafood and fish packaging

Polystyrene has always been a low-cost material – making it perfect for manufacturing fish boxes with. With a shift in the cost of raw materials, and polystyrene being an energy intensive material to make, Coolseal fish boxes now provide a more cost-effective solution.

Patented sealed edge technology

The fluted edges of Coolseal seafood packaging boxes are uniquely sealed; not only creating excellent insulation and strength properties, but removing the risk of contamination as well. In addition, Coolseal boxes are safe for food use, waterproof and don’t absorb the smell that polystyrene fish boxes can.

Helping the fishing industry reduce its carbon footprint

Sustainability is a critical factor when it comes to packaging. With an ever greater need to look at carbon cutting options, Coolseal fish boxes enable you to significantly move more product per pallet – cutting the amount of transport needed to move fish through the cold chain, cutting CO2.

Branded fish and seafood packaging

Printing options for polystyrene fish boxes are limited due to thenature of the box design. Coolseal however, uses screen printing which provides the possibility of multi-colour photgraphic images to be printed on any or all sides of the box. Therefore allowing for maximum brand exposure.

Industry leading fish packaging, industry leading features...

dirt free packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Dirt & Dust Free

Our patented sealed edge system can be applied to the packaging by sealing all the open flutes, which makes it imperishable to dirt and dust, easier to clean and reuse.

Bespoke Size

All of our boxes and packaging can be designed specifically to your needs, so whether space saving is your objective or keeping seafood in the cold chain fresher for longer we can create a packaging solution suitable to you.

BRC Certificated business | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

A Grade BRC Certificated

Tri-Pack are A Grade BRC Global standard certificated. The BRC Global standards are a leading global safety and certification program for food packaging manufacturers.

Patented packaging technology | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Patented Technology

Using our own unique tooling we seal the fluted edges of our packaging, this creates a strong barrier which becomes imperishable to dirt, dust, water and oils.

Quicker cool down packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Faster Cool Down

Tri-Pack and CoolSeal boxes are tested and proven to cool down products 12 hours faster than traditional polystyrene boxes.

FSA approved packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

FSA approved

Tri-Pack packaging and our warehouse and factory have been approved by the Food Standards Agency for being suitable for use within the food sectors.

Superior Insulation

Tried, tested and measured, all Tri-pack packaging has far superior insulation properties than our competitors when in a complete cold chain meaning your product arrives safe and fresh.

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable

Every component of our packaging; the plastic, glues and inks are 100% recyclable.

100% waterproof packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Waterproof

Perfect for the chilled foods, frozen foods and seafood sectors our packaging will withstand the elements and will trap all moisture and ice melt securely inside the packaging. This is particularly valuable when transporting goods by air freight.

Lightweight packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD


Our packaging is lightweight meaning it is easier to handle, ship and store making it far more user friendly and can help reduce costs.

No breakage packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Resistant to Breakage

Polypropylene is known for its strength and durability. It is suitable for containing heavy loads while also holding its shape and structure.

eco-friendly packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Eco Friendly

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and not a single use material

Nolan Seafoods
Doug Rennie Director

We have been using CoolSeal boxes for a number of years now. At Nolan Seafoods we want to be seen as a leading processor, and Tri-Pack’s boxes allow us to stay ahead of the game especially with regards to the environment. Because CoolSeal is 100% recyclable, it ticks all the boxes.