Premium Packaging For a Premium Leek Grower

Innovation and Growth for Farming Giant

One of the industries leading growers of Leeks, approached Tri-Pack with a packaging problem. Their current packaging was fit for purpose but costly, cumbersome and not environmentally friendly.

Wanting to grow the business and innovate, they were seeking a more sustainable form of packaging that could help enhance the quality of their produce. Their aim was to cut costs and stand out from the competition.

Tri-Pack were able to assist in meeting this demand by producing prototypes of 100% recycable packaging. The packaging design and development was amended over time to create the perfect box.

The requirements were simple, the packaging needed to be strong to hold large quantities of leek. Waterproof, to hold the moisture from the fresh produce and food safe.

All of Tri-Pack packaging is FSA approved meaning the factory conditions meet a required standard for dealing with the food industry. Working solely with polypropylene Tri-Pack were able to offer a strong, robust, waterproof and dirt imperishable pack with was perfect for the leek grower.

As Tri-Pack use unique tooling to seal the edges of their packaging this creates a barrier for dirt, dust and water. It also adds an additional barrier for insulation meaning the leeks are kept cooler for longer.

The quantities of packaging involved allowed both parties to arrange for a machine to be situated onsite at Seddons which could allow the for them to produce their own boxes on demand. This allowed for greater management of stock and reduced warehouse storage and ultimately costs.

The clean white moisture resistant 100% recyclable material which is printed with the crisp new logo for Seddons Leeks shows off the company branding and their products which have enabled increased growth of the product. The material being water resistant allows for the packing of the boxes in a wet environment to allow for greater freshness.

The machine has a 24hr support network with spare parts readily available in case of any unforeseen breakdowns. Seddons were prepared to innovate their packaging requirements and move across to Tri-Packs material and both parties now very much value the relationship which has been built up over the years.

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