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100% waterproof packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Waterproof

Perfect for the chilled foods, frozen foods and seafood sectors our packaging will withstand the elements and will trap all moisture and ice melt securely inside the packaging. This is particularly valuable when transporting goods by air freight.

Patented packaging technology | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Patented Technology

Using our own unique tooling we seal the fluted edges of our packaging, this creates a strong barrier which becomes imperishable to dirt, dust, water and oils.

Bespoke Size

All of our boxes and packaging can be designed specifically to your needs, so whether space saving is your objective or keeping seafood in the cold chain fresher for longer we can create a packaging solution suitable to you.

eco-friendly packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Eco Friendly

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and not a single use material

dirt free packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Dirt & Dust Free

Our patented sealed edge system can be applied to the packaging by sealing all the open flutes, which makes it imperishable to dirt and dust, easier to clean and reuse.

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable

Every component of our packaging; the plastic, glues and inks are 100% recyclable.

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD


Polypropylene will biodegrade 2,000 quicker than your standard plastic bottle and 400 times quicker than a single carrier bag.

Lightweight packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD


Our packaging is lightweight meaning it is easier to handle, ship and store making it far more user friendly and can help reduce costs.

No breakage packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Resistant to Breakage

Polypropylene is known for its strength and durability. It is suitable for containing heavy loads while also holding its shape and structure.

Reduced deliver costs | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Reduced Delivery Costs

We can reduce your delivery costs as our packaging is light weight and with our unique flat pack design, more packaging can fit on a single pallet. 

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100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

The year is 2020. Within the horticultural industry, you are struggling to meet pressures and government demands of moving away from traditional plant trays and holders into more sustainable and recyclable products.

Tri-Pack is equipped to help with this. Don’t let 2019 pass you by without exploring the option of our new environmentally friendly and sustainable plant trays and plant packaging ranges. These products that will solve the impending nightmare for the horticultural industry.

As with all of Tri-Pack products, packaging and plant trays designed for the horticultural industry are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly – meeting demands for a new sustainable product.

Tri-Pack has been working into the horticultural industry for many years now and know that packaging for the horticulture industry must be strong and durable as the goods are packed in conditions that require high moisture and low temperatures. We also understand your packaging is a focal point for sales, therefore we print and brand your plant trays and packaging to stand out from the crowd.

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Unique sealed edge system

The ultimate hold to any specification.

As with all of Tri-Pack products, the trays and packaging created for the horticultural sector are produced with the unique sealed edge system, which not only strengthens the tray but also prevents dirty rainwater and debris from getting inside the flutes. We can manufacture trays that will hold multiple quantities of plant pots, to your own specific requirements.

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Case study

Chapel Cottage Plants

How we helped reduce costs and find an eco-friendly alternative for Chapel Cottage Plants
How we do it
High-speed automated gluing

We pass on the savings to you with our high speed automated gluing

Tri-Pack are the only company in the UK which can offer high speed automated gluing. This means a reduced upfront cost, as well as either no or minimal labour costs as it eliminates the need for assembly by hand. Our trays offer the best protection for our customer’s products during transport, as well as offering high-quality printing for a striking presentation.

After use, the pop-up tray can either be folded flat for storage before being used again or save space while waiting to be recycled. We offer a wide range of products for the horticulture sector, from multi-plant pot holders, to point of sale beds. The capabilities are endless.

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