Breaking Down Barriers And Exceeding Demands

Packaging which exceeds expectations

Tri-Pack is the market leader in plastic polypropylene packaging. We design, print, manufacture and ship packaging solutions around the world. Exceeding expectations is what we are best at. We pride ourselves on providing an eco-friendly solution for packaging which can reduce waste, reduce inbound deliveries and reduce storage costs.

Our packaging is the leading alternative to EPS or corrugated cardboard. It is flexible, durable and 100% recyclable, as well as resistant to extreme temperatures, oil and chemicals.

Not only that, but it is also available in a wide range of thicknesses, weights and even special colours that can be extruded for larger quantities. There is a variety of finishes for you to choose from at the end of the design process, allowing you to have control over the product.

EPS Alternative

Our Industries

Who is our packaging for?

We manufacture and supply packaging at a minimum order value of a single pallet. Working closely with a number of sectors, our packaging solutions are aimed at large businesses with large load quantities.

Tree shelters & guards

Automotive Packaging

Chilled Food Packaging

Eco-friendly Plant Trays

Fresh herb packaging

Hot-desk boxes

Industrial Packaging

Logistics Packaging

Fresh produce packaging trays

Seafood Packaging

Reduced transport costs

Using our flat pack packaging means a greater volume of goods can be packed onto a single pallet while still remaining lightweight. This reduces the number of pallets shipped and the overall cost. We can also help reduce warehousing costs, as our products take up a fraction of the space compared with fully erected boxes.

Reduced inbound deliveries

When time and costs are tight, the last thing your business needs is wasting man-hours by taking additional inbound deliveries. Tri-pack products can fit 3 times as much volume of packaging into one single truck as EPS. That means for every 3 inbound delivery of EPS, you would only require one delivery of Tri-pack packaging.


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Curb-side recyclable

Did you know? All Tri-pack packaging is curb-side recyclable. Manufactured from polypropylene PP5, our packaging is not only more eco-friendly to manufacture, but it’s widespread recyclable properties make it the smart choice over EPS.


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Patented sealed edge technology

This is our unique proposition, and sets us apart as market leaders; we seal the edges of corrugated polypropylene. This process traps the air in the fluted wall and creates a barrier for dirt, dust and debris.

The sealing process also enhances the strength of the pack, which is perfect for our space-saving stacker boxes.

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