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We don’t just claim to create recyclable packaging, we can prove it.

Tri-Pack only works with polypropylene. The reason behind this is simple, polypropylene is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Meaning we can offer a fully recyclable packaging solution.

To determine how recyclable polypropylene is, Tri-Pack has undertaken life cycle studies which look at the raw plastic material to production into packaging, back round to the raw material again. We call this a closed-loop approach. Ultimately, it proved how sustainable and recyclable the product is. As the product can be recycled and reused multiple times without having any impact on the environment.

The only problem is, not all local authorities accept polypropylene as a recyclable plastic. To aid this problem, Tri-Pack process all of their unused or offcut plastic and all returned product back into the original raw material to be remanufactured from their facilities in Grimsby.

When it comes to the retail point of delivery, our products can either be segregated and sold for plastics recycling or baled with conventional machinery along with general waste. This will allow for cost savings on skips, landfill tax, and even packaging waste levy.

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David Smith Sales Director

We feel better knowing all our packaging is not only strong and robust but 100% recyclable by any waste company.

We Don't Damage Eco-Systems

We love the turtles!

Because all of Tri-packs plastic packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, they do not end up in rivers, seas and oceans. In fact, we have very strong views on the plastic that does end up there.

It would be our dream to ensure all plastic packaging used around the world is 100% recyclable packaging so it can be used time and time again, not dumped and not wasted. For too long the planet has been wasting precious resources. So, from our plant in Grimsby, we started our war on bad plastics and vow to only use polypropylene which will not harm these beautiful creatures.

The future of recycling

Tri-Pack aim to be a cut above the rest when it comes to recycling.

We are currently working with the leading experts in the recycling industry to help develop a sustainable and commercially viable closed loop supply chain for our polypropylene products.

This will help deliver real environmental improvements and cost saving when compared to other forms of packaging.

Tri-Pack are aspiring to be the UK leader in recycling their own material. Currently manufacturing all products which are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Tri-Pack are aiming to take this to the next level by opening their own recycling plant which will not only reproduce all of their own product into new packaging but will be able to handle third party plastic waste simultaneously.

Watch this space!