Sealing the edges of corrugated plastic sheet

Our unique proposition, we seal the edges of corrugated polypropylene

Trapping the air in the fluted wall and creating a barrier for dirt, dust and debris

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Patented packaging

What is sealed edge packaging?

Sealed edge packaging is a revolutionary new means of creating a sterile, and insulted pack which can be used across numerous industries.

Tri-packs patented technology sealed the two fluted ends of corrugated plastic, also known as Correx, which is made from polypropylene. The sealed edge works as a barrier to the external elements.

The benefits of sealing the edges of corrugated plastic:

  1. Traps the air inside creating a thermal barrier
  2. Strengthens the finished product
  3. Makes it imperishable to dust or dirt
  4. Adds to its 100% waterproof properties
  5. Keeps the product inside cooler and fresher for longer
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The market leader in sealed edge packaging

Supplying numerous industries

Tri-pack is recognised as the only UK brand to manufacture and supply sealed edge corrugated plastic packaging.

Meeting any requirement from multi printed small 1.5 kilo packs right up to 500-kilo bulk packs, all our sealed edge packaging is produced in a dust-free, contamination-free environment.

  • Waterproof packaging
  • Dust free packaging
  • Dirt free packaging
  • Fibre free packaging
  • Eco friendly packaging
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Why is sealed edge better?

When sealing the edges of corrugated packaging, it becomes a more robust material. Trapping the air inside the two fluted edges helps to strengthen the overall pack and is the brainchild behind our successful range of stacker boxes which will not bend or break under the weight of others.


Sealed edge also ensures that no dirt, dust or debris can enter the fluted edges of corrugated packaging. Once this area is contaminated with any form of the foreign body it becomes useless for sterile environments such as pharmaceuticals and the food industry. It also makes the pack harder to recycle as it is difficult to clean in between the individual flutes.

Virtually unbreakable packaging

Tri-Pack’s unique sealed edging on all our plastic packaging and other products is what sets it apart from the competition. The sealed edge technology helps provide a strong hygienic pack that is virtually unbreakable.

It also makes all of our packaging waterproof, dustproof, dirt proof, strong and insulated. Using bespoke, in-house made tooling, an expert team and dedication provide us with all the tools to create unique packaging solutions that can take your business to the next level.

What is corrugated plastic?

Corrugated plastic refers to a wide range of extruded twin-wall plastic sheet products produced from polypropylene. Chemically speaking corrugated plastic, or polypropylene is inert and oils, solvents and water have no effect on it’s make-up. Allowing it to perform under adverse weather conditions, in frozen or chilled markets or as a product component exposed to harsh chemicals.

Is corrugated plastic recyclable?

Corrugated plastic is typically made up of just polypropylene which is 100% recyclable. The benefits of Tri-pack’s corrugated plastic is the sealed edges, which stop any dirt or debris from entering the twin walls and alter the effectiveness of its recycling capabilities.

100% of all Tri-packs corrugated plastic is and can be recycled.

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