Tri-Pack Offer Superior Insulation When In a Complete Cold Chain

A cold chain sometimes referred to as a cool chain. Is a temperature-controlled supply chain.

An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain the desired low-temperature range. Within the seafood, chilled or frozen foods industry the cold chain is essential to getting the product to the destination in proper condition, retaining the quality of the product.

Often the cool chain is broken, sometimes intentionally to help cut costs, other times due to transportation complications. When the cold chain is broken the quality of the product begins to diminish. Imagine the sort of sellable condition fresh fish which has been sat on a hot runway for 2 hours is likely to be. It is important for the cold chain to be complete, foods which are refrigerated can become overrun with bacteria which can very quickly turn to toxins and cause illness when eaten. These pathogenic organisms are usually found in meats and seafood. There were over 500,000 reported cases of foodborne illnesses last year, this figure can be vastly decreased by properly adhering to the full cool chain process.

The Cool Chain Process

A cold chain is usually managed by a quality management system which should analyse, measure, control, document and validate the full cold chain process.

As you can see, the cold chain is of paramount importance to the seafood and chilled foods industries which Tri-Pack operate within.

All of our Tri-pack CoolSeal boxes have been tested against other materials and at differing times in the journey show very clear advantages over other substrates when tested in a complete cool chain.

Tri-Pack’s patented sealed edge technology sets them apart from the competition. The sealed edge closes the fluted ends trapping the air inside the polypropylene walls. This acts as a barrier for the outside elements and temperature.

It also reduces the cooling time by 12 hours compared to polystyrene. This barrier is also perfect for the chilled and frozen food sectors as it makes it FSA approved, 100% dirt proof and 100% waterproof.