Unique Packaging for Unique Products

Recently Tri-pack received an enquiry for assisting a herb grower with packaging their herbs which need to be kept in ice. Previously this client has always used expanded polystyrene, while it offered similar food safe and waterproof properties, it lacked in the same level of storage and insulation properties of Tri-packs polypropylene packaging.

When reaching out to Tri-pack, said client was not specifically seeking polypropylene, just a polystyrene alternative. Which lead us to think about other and unique fresh produce products which could benefit from moving to Tri-pack’s innovative packaging.

Why Tri-pack’s Packaging Reigned Superior

The UK produces only 50% of the food we eat, so there is a huge demand for fresh fruit and vegetables to be imported and kept fresh in the process. Moving fresh fruit, vegetables and crop which needs to be kept cold or frozen is a challenge in itself. Tri-pack assists with this problem by developing insulated packaging which is guaranteed to reign superior against any other product on the market when kept in a complete cold chain.

In addition to this, Tri-packs packaging is completely flat packed.

flat pack packaging | tri-pack

While polystyrene is rigid and bulky, it takes up additional space in both warehousing and shipping. Tri-packs packaging arrives with the client completely flat meaning up to an additional 70% more packaging can arrive in just one container. The patented technology in all Tri-pack packaging means the boxes are then assembled with one quick movement and now offer the same superior hold properties of polystyrene.

The polypropylene boxes are also strong and sturdy to be stacked when full, meaning transport costs can be vastly reduced.

stackable packaging | Tri-pack

Tri-pack has been known to assist with profit margins, delivery times and even business growth by offering a completely eco-friendly packaging option. Just check out what we did with Seddon and Son’s leek farm.

For more information on how Tri-pack can help your business, call us on 01472 355038 or send a message via our contact page.