Packaging is no longer just a means of transporting goods safely.

The rise of internet shopping has seen the packaging industry across all sectors change. In 2019, more and more of us are ordering our products online from basic toiletries to foods and clothing.
Previously, very little packaging was required for purchasing these goods. Selecting the individual items straight off a shelf in a supermarket meant there is no demand for protective packaging for shipping these items direct to consumers homes.

However, this has all changed…

Packaging now must represent the product and the brand to which you’re buying and be fit for purpose.

How frustrating is it when you receive an item which is just a Russian doll of packaging inside packaging? Not only is this a frustration, but to those eco-savvy consumers, it can also be off-putting to continue to make purchases from that company. With a multitude of choice available to us, customer and brand loyalty is slowly depleting. So the packaging really does have to do the talking.

There is now a big inflence on the ‘perfect-packaging’. This means the packaging must be:

  • securely protecting the product;
  • a suitable size for the product inside;
  • easy to recycle and not cumbersome;
  • recognisable and sell the brand.

Printing brand messages on packaging is growing in popularity.

Receiving a package is becoming more of an experience. So how do businesses ensure the best possible experience for their consumers? An idea which is growing in popularity is using packaging to sell. The additions of brand messages, colours and recycling information is starting to appear more and more on packaging. There are also growing pressures for the latter of these to be displayed. Delivering information on environmentally-friendly facts and recycling is the responsibility of the packaging manufacturer as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Tri-pack has been printing on its packaging for a number of years. For their clients, this is a huge selling advantage and is often used as a point of sale. Tri-pack is able to print in any colour, to match companies branding and printing onto a white plastic material always guarantees quality and professional results of that of brown corrugated cardboard.

They also use packaging which is 100% recyclable and in bespoke sizes to their client’s requirements – so no wastage. If you would like to learn more about what Tri-pack can do for your business, contact us today.