The Plastic Free World Conference and Expedition takes place in Frankfurt Messe on 27th and 28th June 2019.

The two-day conference and exhibition is aimed at businesses looking to reduce their plastic consumption by seeking to create a more circular economy throughout their supply chain.

The event will bring together sustainability and environmental experts to discuss practical and innovative solutions to tackle the growing plastic pollution crisis.

There is a big focus on the circular economy throughout this year’s conference. By learning from some of the world’s leading brands on how they are increasing the use of upcycling to reduce their plastic footprint. Plus, an understanding of how to design, test, and develop products to make them easier to recycle and close the loop on a more circular economy.

The Circular Economy

The ethos of reuse and recycle is what Tri-pack is built upon. All of their manufactured products are made from polypropylene aka PP5 which is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly to manufacture. While Tri-pack aims to share in the expertise of other global companies which adopt similar practises, they also aim to educate others on how they close the loop for a circular economy.

The conference will allow for huge corporations from PWC, to Unilever to share in their opinions and expertise around plastics. Tri-pack hopes that the event will remain factual around plastics. There is so much bad press at the moment, tarnishing all plastics with the same brush, regardless of them being single-use or recyclable.

Therefore, it is hoped a huge event of this nature will educate the masses on the different types of plastics and offer solutions for single-use plastics while understanding the benefits and requirements for other types; such as PP5.

The event is aimed at material supplies, retail sectors, food and beverage sector, transport and packaging and should, therefore, share a diverse range of views and experience.

Tri-pack are excited to be attending this event, so if you are attending too, don’t forget to say hi!