In July 2019 a huge campaign dropped encouraging millions of people around the world to reduce their plastic waste!

Sounds great right!?
We thought so too, but just for a month?


At Tri-pack we love the concept and the idea of raising awareness, but one plastic free month is only a tiny drop in the ocean.

The most discouraging thing about the campaign is the message. Here at Tri-pack we believe the message is wrong and needs to focus on single-use plastics not plastics en masse. The intention that this campaign is aimed at achieving would be the perfect opportunity to educate the world on the differences in plastic consumption. The world needs to know that there is a place for plastic – recyclable plastic. We just need to stop single-usage.

The objective should be educating businesses

While the campaign is centred around how to cut back on plastic use in everyday life such as:

  • taking your own bags to the supermarket
  • not using plastic straws
  • buying your reusable water bottle instead of buying multiple single-use bottles

Surely this needs to start at the top?

Businesses need to be more aware of the single-use plastics which they are using whether this be in packaging, manufacturing or products. If it starts at the top then there is less for consumers to try to avoid. If plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic bags are just not available this is going to contribute to the environment far more than individuals trying to seek alternatives themselves.

Morrisons have started trialling paper shopping bags, which some were sceptical about them lasting and being strong enough but were pleasantly surprised and have outlived the use of plastic carrier bags. While many are unhappy with McDonald’s move to paper straws, they do still work – just don’t bite them!

These are the messages we need to be seeing more of. There needs to be an education in the messages and a differentiation between good and bad plastic. Even the Plastic Free July campaigners encourage the use of plastic to the extent of encouraging the use of reusable plastic water bottles yet the website or campaign messages do not appear to empathise this divide between why single-use is bad but other plastics are not.

If you want to get involved with cutting back on your plastic waste you can take the challenge here or if you are a business looking for more sustainable ways of packaging your products, speak to Tri-pack today.