We have an impressive awards cabinet and list of accreditations as tall as our building…

But what does that mean to you?

It is all well and good when businesses showcase their awards and accreditations and we applaud every business which is in the position to do so. But what does it really mean for clients, other than reputation?
In our latest blog post, Tri-pack is exploring what each of our awards and accreditations means for our clients and why we are all about reassurance, guarantees and quality.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

The ISO 14001 environmental policy outlines the overall intentions and direction of how the company will relate to its effect on the environment. This statement needs to come from top management since it is a primary directive for how every individual in the company will perform their job in relation to environmental impact. This is where we display what commitments we have to improve the environmental impact we make. Not only we do supply eco-friendly products but we ensure our eco-friendly ethos starts from within. We, therefore, have green initiatives across the whole of the business from how our energy is supplied to waste which we produce.

We believe that we cannot market our products to be 100% environmentally-friendly if the warehouse it comes out of it’s eco-friendly so we are very passionate about this message. Learn more about how we meet this policy on the ISO.org website.

A Grade BRC certification

This certification confirms that we have met a very specific set of requirements designed by the British Retail Consortium in line with their standards of food safety. It means our warehouse and manufacturing processes have been rigorously tested and audited to ensure that we offer continued to commitment to offer nothing but the highest standards of quality. This means that when you purchasing our packaging for the seafood, produce, chilled or frozen food sectors that is completely safe, clean and dirt and dust-free. As part of the certification, the audit scheme is unannounced, meaning it can occur at any time. This means that Tri-pack must uphold the highest of standards at all times – this is easy for us, it is in our DNA. If you wish to learn more about these standards, you can find out more on the BRC Global Standards website.

FSA Approved

The Food Standards Agency is responsible for safety and food hygiene across the UK. It sets out guidelines which businesses must adhere to in order to be able to market products for the food sector. Whether this is producing food specifically or containing and transporting it. To be FSA approved we meet these guidelines, for you as our client, that means the product you receive is manufactured to the highest of standards and upholds only the best quality. Learn more about these standards on the FSA website.


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