There is a never-ending pressure from the powers above for developing more green and clean practices in a bid to help protect our planet.  It is a fact that as humans we are polluting our earth, in the way we produce waste and manufacture items. From the way we harvest energy to the cars we drive. In every aspect of our lives, there are more eco-efficient ways of essentially ‘doing-business’.

Tri-pack is at the forefront of this drive for a greener earth. All businesses regardless of their industry can adopt eco-friendly practices. From ensuring proper recycling policies to renewable energy incentives, bike schemes, car shares or stopping single-use plastics. Tri-pack firmly believes that at the centre of developing a future-fit and green product, is a green business and a green manufacturing process.

Packaging designed with the future of the planet in mind

Packaging is one of the largest causes of waste across the world. Every product we buy, from the food we eat, to the parts used to manufacture goods, comes in packaging. This packaging is generally in the form of cardboard, polystyrene or plastic, or a combination of them all. With changes to recycling practises across different counties in the UK, some of these materials are becoming increasingly difficult to recycle, especially for businesses or in bulk.

A future-fit packaging solution is one which is not only green to manufacture; from harnessing the raw material to completion it is also 100% recyclable. Therefore avoiding adding to landfills. Within the process of packaging, is a reliance on transport and warehousing. A future-fit packaging option should also not add a strain to these resources. Additional lorries, planes or boats increase harmful emissions, therefore taking away from the ‘green product’ they are transporting.

According to a study by McKinsey, over 75% of customers were willing to pay a so-called ‘green premium’ for a product if it came in eco-friendly packaging. But is there a true fit-fit green packaging option out there?

Imagine a product which could take up to 70% less pallet space for the same product volume. One which can aid in cutting carbon emissions, warehousing costs and energy used in the manufacturing process? This product would also need to be 100% recyclable, or biodegradable to ensure it fits in with sustainability and circular economy goals.

Tri-pack Packaging Solutions have developed just that, find out more about their eco-friendly packaging solution, and how this can also benefit your business.