The Guardian recently reported that scientists have discovered an enzyme which could help the global plastic crisis and here at Tri-pack Packaging Systems LTD we are all for this great news!

The French company behind the research; Carbios, discovered the enzyme through studying compost heaps. It is said to be able to “reduce the chemical building blocks of PET plastic”. Using this enzyme for producing high-performing new plastic bottles could mean that they can be recycled more easily and far quicker.

“The team used the optimised enzyme to break down a tonne of waste plastic bottles, which were 90% degraded within 10 hours”. The Guardian 2020.

In the bid to clean up our planet this is incredible news…

It has frequently been reported that we need to ban plastic’s all-together. But the harsh reality is, that we cannot survive without plastic. It is incredibly reassuring that many companies are now getting behind the idea that plastic has its place on our planet but that there needs to be more education on, and more feasibility for recycling it.

As part of our sustainability pledge, Tri-pack is aiming to collect back 100% of waste plastic from distributors for recycling. We are currently working on the logistics of this, but aim to be up and running by 2023. This will not only help us become more self-sufficient but will benefit our distribution network around the globe.

Other companies are also addressing the issue. In Germany, it has been discovered that the larvae of the wax moth larvae can degrade polythene bags, which will save thousands of tons of plastics polluting our seas and oceans every year.


This continued commitment to supporting our planet is great and we love to share a green story when we can!