Considerable savings

Tri-packs client based in the Seychelles has saved over $1,000,000 from switching from a corrugated cardboard option to a sustainable tuna packaging solution. The cost savings are from the lack of spoilage which was previously experienced for the cardboard alternative which was not suitable for long haul transport. Nor did it offer insulation or waterproof properties. Large whole tuna fish can cost upwards of $10,000 so you can suddenly start seeing where the spoilages come across a whole season!

What an oppo-tuna-ty...

Being constantly at the front of innovation and bespoke design, Tri-pack has capitalised on the growing commercial market of tuna fish.

Tuna is one of the world’s largest commercially sourced fish, containing them once harvested has been a challenge for a long time. Traditionally, the material of choice has always been corrugated cardboard. While it has been successful for many years, added pressures for a sustainable and reusable product has dominated the market place.

Corrugated cardboard, while it has been popular for many years, only has a one time use. The amount of reinforced cardboard required for safely containing a whole tuna fish is extreme. And the cold chain is often broken using corrugated cardboard, simply due to it’s lack of capabilities in housing ice and moisture.


Welcome Tri-pack

Tri-pack, who is known for only manufacturing with polypropylene developed an alternative tuna packaging solution. The solution is sustainable, multi-use, 100% recyclable and is totally waterproof. Due to Tri-pack patented sealed edge technology, the sustainable tuna packaging also offers superior insulation, meaning the tuna is kept fresher for longer.

Tri-pack received the first successful order in 2018, and have since continued to modifying the design so that all future tuna packaging, also known as a tuna coffin will perform better and offer the customer a complete product with no compromises.

Tri-pack is always looking for new opportunities and avenues to explore if you think we can help grow your sustainable business too, contact the Tri-pack team today.