The impact of non-recyclables on our planet is the hot topic on everyone’s mind at the moment. As responsible packaging suppliers, Tri-Pack continues to work tirelessly to produce and recycle our own sustainable packaging.

What is sustainable packaging?


The Sustainable Packaging Coalition says that sustainable packaging should be:

  • Beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle
  • Meets market criteria for both performance and cost
  • Sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy
  • Optimises the use of renewable or recycled source materials
  • Manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices
  • Made from materials that are healthy throughout the life cycle
  • Physically designed to optimise materials and energy
  • Effectively recovered and utilised in biological and/or industrial closed loop cycles

At Tri-Pack we use polypropylene. A material made from carbon and hydrogen. The production of which emits zero harmful emissions therefore having no impact on the environment. Every component of our packaging is recyclable. From the plastics themselves to the glue and even the ink.

We don’t just claim to produce environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, we can prove it too. Polypropylene, (also known as PP5) meets what we call; the circular environment otherwise known as closed-loop cycles. The raw product can be shaped, used and recycled. And 100% of the original product can be used again for the same purpose or another project. This process can be repeated multiple times in a never-ending cycle. Subsequently, the product never tires or wears out.

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Is sustainable packaging right for my company?

There’s no doubt that some plastics are having a devastating effect on the environment. However, not all plastics are the same. When it comes to robust, recyclable packaging, polypropylene outshines other packaging in so many ways. Unlike cardboard, our product is waterproof. For those in the fresh produce industry, this means product can be washed and prepped whilst in the packaging. It won’t go soft or rot. Therefore cutting down on product wastage. The same goes for the seafood industry too.

Our packaging is designed with your business in mind. From ingenious packaging solutions to perfectly printed branding, you can make it truly your own to meet your needs.

With these benefits, how could it not be the right option for your company?

How is it recycled?

Unfortunately, at present not all local authorities recycle polypropylene. For this reason, we recycle all our off-cuts, unused plastic and that returned to us by our clients. We break the product down to the raw material which is then remanufactured.

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Impactful Packaging

The use of polypropylene packaging is having a hugely positive impact on not just the environment but the businesses who utilise it. Because the manufacturing process has zero effect on the environment and the product itself and all its components are 100% recyclable, this sustainable packaging is a no-brainer. The vast potential of the product in terms of design and utility is a game-changer. The fact that fresh produce manufacturers frequently write off tonnes of food every week because of damage caused through lack of robust packaging is criminal. We believe our packaging solutions offer environmentally friendly, useable options like no other alternative on the market.

If you’d like to talk to us about the benefits of sustainable packaging, and what Tri-Pack can do for you, then do not hesitate to get in touch. We work with clients from across the UK and worldwide. Call on 01472 355038 or send a message via our contact page.