Sterile pharmaceutical packaging

Superior secondary pharma packaging solutions that are compliant with sterile environments

Made from 100% recyclable materials that can be recycled again and again

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Protecting your pharmaceuticals

What we do

We recognise that transporting glass and plastic tubes, bottles and vials in a safe and sterile way is a challenge for the pharmaceutical sector. Revolutionising the industry with patented technology means we have created an approved and secure way to transport your goods.

Meeting any requirement from multi printed small 1.5 kilo packs right up to 500-kilo bulk packs, all our pharmaceutical packaging is produced in a dust-free, contamination-free environment.

  • Waterproof packaging
  • Dust free packaging
  • Dirt free packaging
  • Fibre free packaging
  • Eco friendly packaging
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LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare
Leigh Marzetti Procurement Support Manager

We have been proudly working with Tri-pack for a number of years and would highly recommend their sterile packaging. Meeting the high industry standards, Tri-pack manufacturers clean, and contamination-free packaging to meet our growing demand.

Patented technology

Tri-pack has developed its own patented technology which means we have the most advanced tooling methods for developing polypropylene packaging in the world.

We seal the fluted edges of the polypropylene sheet which in turn traps in air and seals the package from external contamination. This sealing process also adds to the structure of the packaging making it resistant to breakage.

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Sustainability first

As all our packaging is made from polypropylene, it can be recycled time and time again. Our packaging can also be supplied flat-packed which in turn saves on both transport and storage costs, overall reducing your carbon footprint.

Every process in our business is audited to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Our first and primary goal is for our site to run from 100% renewable energy by 2023. We are continuously questioning how we can become more self-sufficient, and reducing our reliance on the national grid is a great starting point.

Maximise brand exposure

Using our unique tooling, we can digitally print and colour match any branding to ensure your packaging is unique to you. This will allow you to stand out from competitors or impress on a shop floor.

Tri-Pack boasts a huge portfolio of global clients including, Lloyds Health Care, Marshalls, Seddon, Morrisons, UKMail and Youngs Seafood.

Industry leading technology

Our pharmaceutical packaging is developed under strict sterile environments, aiming to combat the key issue with packaging in the pharmaceutical sector: contamination. Due to our patented sealed-edge technology our packaging becomes fibre, dust and dirt free, producing a clean and compliant product.

Custom pharmaceutical packaging uses

Our customisable pharmaceutical boxes and trays are suitable for a range of applications, including glass and plastic bottles.

Our customisable pharmaceutical boxes and trays are suitable for a range of applications, including glass vials.

Our customisable pharmaceutical boxes and trays are suitable for a range of applications, including glass and plastic tubes.

Benefits of secondary pharma packaging

Secondary pharma packaging is the exterior barrier of the primary packaging that groups individual packs together and further protects or labels the drug product.

Secondary packaging is important for numerous reasons, primarily as a physical barrier of protection. It is also a secondary level of containment, securing the interior to any hazards, rips or tears which is common with primary packaging.

Secondary pharma packaging is essential for adherence to regulations, and safety to the patient.


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How our packaging benefits your business

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable

Every component of our packaging; the plastic, glues and inks are 100% recyclable.

Lightweight packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD


Our packaging is lightweight meaning it is easier to handle, ship and store making it far more user friendly and can help reduce costs.

dirt free packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Dirt & Dust Free

Our patented sealed edge system can be applied to the packaging by sealing all the open flutes, which makes it imperishable to dirt and dust, easier to clean and reuse.

Reduced deliver costs | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Reduced Delivery Costs

We can reduce your delivery costs as our packaging is light weight and with our unique flat pack design, more packaging can fit on a single pallet. 

Cost Effective Storage Solutions | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Reduced Storage Costs

Tri-Pack packaging can reduce your storage costs and space by as much as 85% due to our unique flat-packed design. Our easy-erect design will complete the box in seconds.

eco-friendly packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD


100% latex-free and non-toxic.