Proactive, not reactive

Here at Tri-pack Packaging Systems LTD, we have over 14 manufacturing lines to create our environmentally friendly packaging systems. The majority of our machinery has been custom-built or adapted inhouse from existing packaging machinery to give us the precise tooling required for the job. We are heavily reliant on this machinery to ensure we can get every order out the door on time, but what happens when machinery breaks down or is faulty and production bottlenecks happen?

We strongly believe in being proactive, not reactive and that this gives us a competitive advantage.

“Recently we have been heavily investing in new machinery and machinery servicing.

We have not only been investing in money but also in time, experience and the knowledge of experts to ensure your equipment never misses a beat. Part of the exceptional level of service which Tri-pack promises is never missing a scheduled delivery date. A fault, break-down or issue with any of our machinery could cause this delay. So we really understand the importance of investing in the best equipment and the best expert knowledge to keep each piece of machinery running in tip-top condition and minimising downtime. The importance of our machinery is as important as our customer’s products.

Why everyone should invest in machinery

Investing in equipment, from purchasing technology to servicing and preventative maintenance programmes, enables employees to work smarter, not harder. It increases efficiencies and increases the productivity of both production lines and employees who do not need to reschedule tasks around breakdowns. It also means downtime can be scheduled and therefore production moved to another machine or maintenance carried out between projects.

Maintaining and improving machinery can also reduce safety risks, older or neglected machinery can pose a fire risk, risk of malfunction or worse, which in the worst-case scenario; could endanger employees lives, Health & Safety is of high importance to Tri-pack with it being one of the key drivers in the business.

Here at Tri-pack we strongly believe that our machinery has given us a competitive edge. Investing in experts has meant we have continued to enhance and develop on our product range offering and create our industry-leading sealed edge technology which is critical for the success of our Coolseal Seafood Packaging System. We are always seeking new ways to innovate and stay ahead of the game and we are not scared to shout out about the improvements which we have going on at our Grimsby-based factory.