Faster tree growth with increased survival rates

Introducing the TREE DEFENDER+, the latest technology in securing and protecting trees. Our tree shelters are manufactured from environmentally responsible and 100% recyclable UV stabilised polypropylene. This is the eco-way to grow trees and preserve the environment.

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Optimum protection for newly planted saplings

The next-generation of eco-friendly tree shelters

The unique staking and securing system of the TREE  DEFENDER+ ensures planting is done simply and swiftly. Whilst maintenance can be carried out with the same level of simplicity and speed.

Manufactured from environmentally responsible and 100% recyclable UV stabilised polypropylene the TREE DEFENDER+ has a built-in radial top lip to minimise abrasion to the tree stem and a perforated line to ensure the shelter splits open as the girth of the tree increases in size.

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How tree shelters work

When new trees are planted, they are extremely vulnerable to wildlife and the elements. For this reason, we designed and created the TREE DEFENDER+. This defender not only provides shelter from the weather, but it will also protect saplings from wildlife such as rabbits and deer.

The TREE DEFENDER+ simply slips over the stake, which makes it easy to use and assemble, as well as allowing customers to reduce labour costs. There are no ties or fiddly cable ties to worry about when it comes to maintenance.

To avoid strangulation, the TREE DEFENDER+ will eventually split naturally along the corners and come free from the tree.

The square construction of the TREE DEFENDER+ with a durable sealed twin-wall has a built-in radial top lip to minimise abrasion to the tree stem and a line of least resistance, to ensure the shelter splits open as the girth of the tree increases in size.

All Defender shelters have the added advantage of being supplied flat packed, reducing both storage space and transport costs.

Tree shelter key product features

• Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene
• Harmless to the environment
• Durable twin-wall construction
• Designed to be transported flat pack
• Estimated life span 5 – 7 years


• 100% recyclable
• Radial top lip to minimise abrasion to tree stem
• Unique ‘no ties’ securing system
• Perforated line allows the shelter to split open as the girth of the tree increases

TREE DEFENDER+ for your sector


Whether you are looking for protection from rabbits, hare, muntjac, deer, from herbicide spray or wanting to create an enhanced growing environment through a microclimate, the TREE DEFENDER+ is the perfect solution to a successful woodland or forest establishment.


Enjoy flexibility in site maintenance whilst your fruit trees are protected from browsing animals, herbicide spray drift and mechanical weeding machinery. The TREE DEFENDER+ is the perfect solution for any fruit growing area.


With a wide range of tree and shrub protection products, TREE DEFENDER+ can aid the establishment and protection of large planting schemes, rural hedgerows, mixed planting, and smaller specialised projects.


The TREE DEFENDER+ whilst establishing a microclimate within the shelter improving the growing environment for the vine it also helps to protect against browsing animals, mechanical weeding machinery and herbicide spray.

Creating natural microcliments for growth

As well as providing protection from browsing animals,
accidental drift from herbicide spraying and damage from mechanical weeding, TREE DEFENDER+ ensures your trees, shrubs and plants benefit from the naturally created microclimate within the shelter for safe, quick, and stronger growth.

We offer a strong and secure product with our extensive die-cutting knowledge and new welding technology. We are constantly looking to the future, researching, and investing in biodegradable material technologies to help care for our environment.

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Decompose 2000 times quicker than a plastic bottle

100% Recyclable and 100% Harm Free

As with all Tri-Pack products, the TREE DEFENDER+ is made solely from environmentally friendly materials that is 100% recyclable and 100% harm-free when produced. The TREE DEFENDER+ can even be printed on to aid the camouflage properties of the tubes, allowing them to blend in seamlessly to their surroundings, having a more positive impact on the landscape.

Defenders which are accidentally not collected for recycling and left at the roadside or in forests will decompose within around 20 years. Which is 2000 times quicker than your average plastic bottle.

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