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Does Tri-Pack have a sampling service?

We have full design facilities with CAD/CAM equipment for designing, sampling and tooling. Our free design service gives you the opportunity to see and try out our product before any final commitments are made. We send pre-production samples to anyone whose orders require new tools, thereby ensuring that you can inspect your product before production starts.

Does Tri-Pack offer a design service?

Yes we do. Design is central to all or activities. We have a fully CAD/CAM equipped design office where we put our customers’ ideas into reality – be it a roughly scribbled sketch or a discussion over the phone. We also offer a product video service, along with a 2D visual so customers can study their own product including print layout as an animation or a still visual.

Does Tri-Pack offer an advisory or consultancy service?

Full consultation is available through our area sales managers and agents, design staff or managerial staff. Our global network of agents work together on projects helping each other, and exchanging vital trade information.

Our Products

Does Tri-Pack have a product Directory?

We rely on the internet for this information, and make use of YouTube for special products.


What is the most environmentally friendly packaging?

What is the most environmentally friendly packaging?

  • PP5
  • Recycled & recyclable plastics
  • Naturally occurring resources, i.e. seaweed
  • Air pillows made of recycled materials
  • Organic fibres

It is always important to look at the bigger picture, not just the material. How environmentally friendly is it to harvest the raw material? Is 100% of the product recyclable? What energy does the material require to be transformed into the packaging? Learn more here: What is the most eco friendly food packaging

Is plastic environmentally friendly?

Is plastic environmentally friendly?

The general term ‘plastic’ is not one which usually sparks the thought of ‘environmentally friendly‘. But for many types of plastic, it certainly is eco-friendly. Single-use plastics, plastics high in carbon or other non-recyclable plastics, do not fall into this category. But Bioplastics, Eco/recyclable plastic and biodegradable plastics are all environmentally-friendly. Polypropylene; aka PP5, is an environmentally friendly plastic.

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable, it has a low energy consumption during the manufacturing processes, it is strong and waterproof, meaning it can be used time and time again and it is a favoured plastic in the packaging world.


What are the advantages of environmentally friendly packaging?

What are the advantages of environmentally friendly packaging?

Environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly or green packaging is a benefit to businesses as it reduces their overall carbon footprint. Approx 5.9 million tonnes of packaging waste is generated in the UK every year. If we switched this packaging to environmentally friendly options, this waste would be vastly reduced. Choosing recyclable packaging is one way to start and this means that the same packaging can be used, time and time again.

Businesses can also benefit from switching to reusable packaging, which is another form of environmentally packaging as it requires less transportation and therefore less carbon is produced. It is also cheaper for businesses as it needs to be purchased 20 times less frequently than standard packaging.

What is an alternative to polystyrene?

What is an alternative to polystyrene?

Many businesses are switching away from polystyrene (EPS) to switch to a more eco-friendly form of packaging. Polypropylene or PP5 is a popular alternative to polystyrene. Both polystyrene (EPS) and polypropylene (PP5) are lightweight materials which have a long shelf-life and rigid protective casing for the product inside. Both materials also have superior strength and insulation properties, yet polypropylene (PP5) has been proven to keep products colder for longer in a complete cold chain.

Unlike polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (PP5) is 100% recyclable and waterproof, it also uses zero harmful emissions during the manufacturing process. It can also be used time and time again in a circular economy.

Having the same packaging characteristics, yet more eco-friendly properties, polypropylene (PP5) is the perfect alternative to polystyrene (EPS).