The pharmaceutical packaging industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate and is expected to continue its growth over the coming years. The key driving factors behind the industry growth are; an ageing population, increase in chronic illnesses and stricter environmental and medical regulations. 

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is not exempt from the pressures of moving to more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Yet, within this industry, packaging must also meet very strict regulations to ensure safe and proper transit. 

Pharmaceutical packaging is moving more down the route of recyclable and re-usable packaging solutions in a bid to help reduce carbon emissions.

Tri-pack Packaging Systems LTD, based in Grimsby, designed and patented the perfect sealed edge solution which meets the industry regulations for hygiene and the growing environmental pressures that we face today.

Industry safe

For pharmaceutical packaging to be safe for the industry, it must be fibre-free. Tri-pack’s fibre-free polypropylene packaging is designed to reduce risk while remaining strong and durable. The strength and waterproof properties of the packaging also reduces the risk of product defects associated with manual handling, drops and spillage. 


Patented sealed-edge technology

Tri-pack developed and patented its revolutionary sealed-edge technology packaging which fully seals the open fluted edges of the polypropylene wall together. This creates a fully sealed insulated barrier to the external elements. For the pharmaceutical industry, this means that the packaging is imperishable to dirt and dust. While adding an additional layer of strength. 



The pharmaceutical packaging industry vowed to move away from single-use and hard-to-recycle plastics. Tri-pack’s packaging systems are all 100% recyclable or reusable in some cases above 20 return trips, significantly reducing on packaging waste and carbon footprint.

In a bid to go even further, many pharmaceutical companies are moving to reusable packaging solutions. This form of packaging means the same product can be used numerous times, reducing the need for distribution and storage of multiple products.


For more information on fibre-free, sealed edge pharmaceutical packaging, contact Tri-pack Packaging Systems LTD today and request a free sample.