Chilled or frozen food packaging

When delivering chilled or frozen produce to the nation, insulation and safety of the product are a top priority. Traditionally cardboard boxes have been the go-to packaging option yet this comes with a range of pain points. From leaks to tears in the packaging and the on-going battle of regulating a cold temperature. 

Tri-Pack’s home delivery systems have evolved from these traditional means to tried and tested CoolSeal patented technology. This provides customers with environmentally friendly and insulted home delivery solutions.

All of Tri-pack packaging is fabricated from recyclable polypropylene. Polypropylene has similar properties to polyethene and polybutene but it is much stronger and heat resistant. Thus making it perfect for sturdy environmentally friendly packaging. When the home delivery boxes need to be disposed of, they can be added to recyclable waste streams ready to embark upon a new life.

The patented sealed edge design of the packaging, ensures the open fluted edges are closed, which traps air into the packaging walls. Thereby creating a strong external barrier to temperature changes and external elements. 

The home delivery packaging is designed to pop up and is easy to erect resulting with efficient delivery and storage. Once made up and packed they take up less vehicle space allowing the efficient transportation of product thus reducing the carbon footprint per delivery. The unique stacking system also ensures boxes can be effectively stacked for space-saving with the product at the bottom remains protected. 

As with the CoolSeal range, there are multiproduct offerings available depending on whether the intention is to use the box for ambient, chilled or frozen deliveries. The leakproof design ensures that the contents do not escape preventing fouling of both the box and the transportation.

Whilst based on a portfolio of core designs Tri-Pack can produce bespoke packaging and tailor-made solutions for your product range. With a manufacturing plant of scale, the output is geared towards mass orders providing customers with box numbers starting in the 1000’s.

If you’re interested in purchasing your eco-friendly home delivery boxes, speak to Tri-pack today!