Anyone involved in tree planting knows the importance of tree shelters as a simple and effective tool to provide protection for newly planted trees.

The risk of damage to and survival of newly planted trees in the first few years is incredibly high. In fact, the risk of loss in the first five years is estimated to be in excess of 50%. Tree protection gained from the use of tree shelters, therefore is crucial.

What are the benefits of using tree shelters?

Tree shelters are a proven and effective tool to significantly increase the survival rates of your trees. Offering protection, and guarding the newly planted trees, tree shelters provide a number of benefits, including:

  •  Protection from harsh or extreme weather, that can easily damage your trees
  • Keep trees guarded from animals, such as voles, rabbits and deer
  • Trees protected against herbicide spray
  • Creates a microclimate for the tree to grow in that maximises tree growth
  • Promotes establishment and increases tree survival rates

Specific benefits of the Defender+ tree shelter range

Our unique designed Defender+ tree shelter product provides additional benefits that it’s circular tree tube counterparts can’t.

Being square, as opposed to the standard circular tube style tree shelters, the Defender+ is shipped flat packed. Whereas circular tree tubes can’t be flat packed, and shipped ready to use, the benefit of Defender+ allows for more product on a pallet which translates to reduced transport costs.

With more product per pallet, less pallets are needed to be transported. Therefore, in addition to reduced transport costs, there can also be an environmental saving too, with a lower CO2 impact of getting your tree shelters where they need to be.

As a tree shelter manufacturer, we ensure our Defender+ tree shelters are fully stocked for the entire tree planting season – meaning you will never be without stock.

From a cost, storage, availability and environmental perspective, the Defender+ is a great choice for your tree shelters, this tree planting season.

If you haven’t used the Defender+ tree shelter before, why not order a free sample today? Or if you have any questions about your specific tree planting project, why not give us a call today to discuss?