Grimsby is a town that’s long been synonymous with the fishing industry. Today, it remains one of the biggest seafood processing destinations in the UK, and is a place where Coolseal is making a huge impact in moving the fishing industry away from the use of polystyrene boxes, to a more sustainable and 100% recyclable fish box alternative.

Coolseal is the industry leading alternative to EPS, or expanded polystyrene fish boxes. Made from polypropylene, it is not only 100% recyclable, but uses our unique patented sealed edge technology for improved insulation and strength performance.

Based in Grimsby, Tri-pack – the manufacturers of Coolseal fish boxes – are on the doorstep of the world-renowned seafood town. With established relationships with processors all over Grimsby, Coolseal is widely used with many processors who are moving away from polystyrene fish boxes, and over to Coolseal; a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Manufacturing over 5 million boxes last year alone, Coolseal is becoming an industry recognised, widely used alternative to polystyrene fish boxes. Manufactured in Grimsby, Coolseal boxes are not only becoming widely used in Grimsby, but are being used to transport fish and seafood across the UK and European seafood sectors.

“We’re incredibly proud of our own heritage here in Grimsby,” says Henry Clarke, Managing Director of Tri-pack Packaging Systems.

“With the demand for more sustainable, and environmentally friendly packaging, Coolseal is fast becoming a go-to alternative to the polystyrene fish boxes that the industry has traditionally used.”

“The industry is starting to realise the cost, sustainability and transportation benefits of Coolseal, and is making the shift away from polystyrene boxes for transporting seafood. Nowhere is that being seen more than in Grimsby – and that impact within the seafood sector in our very own hometown, is something we are incredibly proud of.”