UK largest perennial growers

Chapel Cottage Plants are one of the UK’s largest perennial growers. Stocking over 1500 independent garden centre’s along with a number of the UK’s larger garden retail chains and multiple stores.

Chapel Cottage Plants were seeking an alternative to the black plastic plant trays which are soon to be banned. Increasing pressures from authorities and the government is casting a shadow over the use of these black plastic plant trays and making the future uncertain for many growers while an alternative is not accessible.

In 2018, The National Trust declared war on black plastic plant trays vowing to ban them by 2022.

Chapel Cottage Plants are an innovative and forward thinking company and therefore approached Tri-pack to help with manufacturing an alternative to this soon to be banned product.

A carbon-free alternative

Working closely with Chapel Cottage Plants over a number of months, Tri-pack integrated themselves into the business to understand the process and needs.

Eventually, the 100% environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable plant tray alternatives were created. The products, designed and manufactured by Tri-pack uses their patented technology to create a seamless, 100% waterproof product which is perfect for the dirt and damp conditions of holding plants.

They also benefit from branded packaging to really make Chapel Cottage Plants product standout in stores and garden centres across the UK.

How Tri-pack benefited Chapel Cottage Plants

biodegradable packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Recyclable

Every component of our packaging; the plastic, glues and inks are 100% recyclable.

eco-friendly packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Eco Friendly

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and not a single use material

high quality printed packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

High Quality Printing

Tri-Pack help you stand out from the crowd by offering printed packaging. We can colour match any logo and print any design making your packaging unique to you.

Reduced deliver costs | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Reduced Delivery Costs

We can reduce your delivery costs as our packaging is light weight and with our unique flat pack design, more packaging can fit on a single pallet. 

Cost Effective Storage Solutions | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

Reduced Storage Costs

Tri-Pack packaging can reduce your storage costs and space by as much as 85% due to our unique flat-packed design. Our easy-erect design will complete the box in seconds.

dirt free packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Dirt & Dust Free

Our patented sealed edge system can be applied to the packaging by sealing all the open flutes, which makes it imperishable to dirt and dust, easier to clean and reuse.

100% waterproof packaging | Tri-pack Packaging Solutions LTD

100% Waterproof

Perfect for the chilled foods, frozen foods and seafood sectors our packaging will withstand the elements and will trap all moisture and ice melt securely inside the packaging. This is particularly valuable when transporting goods by air freight.

Cost Savings Galore

The results were phenomenal. Tri-pack’s new product enabled Chapel Cottage Plants to fit an additional 30% more product¬†on a single Danish trolley. This assisted with not only storage, but transport and labour costs, as these were also dramatically reduced.

The final product was created to universally fit in all Danish trolley systems which are used worldwide across nurseries and garden centres meaning the product is accessible to all.

The overall cost savings where enough to influence Chapel Cottage Plants to turn all of their packaging to Tri-packs 100% recyclable packaging.

And we see no reason why this cannot be replicated across all suppliers, growers, nurseries and garden centres worldwide.

See how Tri-pack can help your business too