Ish Fish, a Grimsby based fish company was established in 2018 to change the way people consume fish. They offer a simplistic way to order the freshest and high quality fish online, delivered boat to box.

They pride themselves on being fresh, sustainable and easy.

All of their fish is responsibly sourced, really caring for the environment and the impact they have on it, they were seeking a business with similar ethics and social standing.

Tri-Pack were approached early on with the vision for creating seafood packaging that would carry a customers product from boat to door in a fresh, safe and convenient manner.

Ish Fish were very particular about the branding colours on their boxes. No other packaging company could offer the high quality printing which makes the boxes stand out from the crowd while remaining sustainable.

All of Tri-Pack's packaging is 100% recyclable, manufactured solely from polypropylene ensures the packaging is strong enough to hold the weight on its seafood contents, plus ice and melt water. As well as being environmentally friendly. The plastic, inks and glues used by Tri-Pack are all FSA approved, therefore suitable for use within the food industry.

Ish Fish required packaging which would keep their fish as fresh as the moment it was taken from the sea. They delivery fish caught on the day, offering a real nutritious meal but this meant it had to be boxed and delivered in a sustainable and responsible way. Tri-Pack use unique sealed edge technology which means their packaging is 100% waterproof, 100% dirt proof and sealing the air into the two walls of the packaging creates a barrier. This barrier adds insulation to the pack, so on its journey to your doorstep it is kept in cold temperatures to ensure the most fresh of fish is delivered.

If you would like to learn more about Ish Fish or order their tasty seafood, visit their website.

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