Simon Williams
Simon Williams Operations Manager

Our approach to sustainability is simple, we never stand still, we never stop questioning and we never stop achieving. Continuous improvement is our philosophy, it starts with our building and staff and expands out to our suppliers and distributors. We have some strong goals set for 2023 which will propel us forward as a business.

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Our goal is to be totally self-sufficient in our energy consumption by 2023. During our expansion and building refurbishment in 2015, we installed energy and waste saving measures across all aspects of the business. From limiters on our water consumption to the type of light bulbs used. We do not purchase plastic drinking cups nor do we tolerate waste from paper or print.

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Our staff

We have a devoted and strong workforce who are all committed to one goal; help the business succeed. All our employees do their bit day in day out to help improve our impact on the environment and we reward them for it. Our employees never produce any waste, everything which can be recycled is, and they often help us with local litter picks. 27% of our workforce has been with Tri-Pack continuously for over 30 years so our success is very much down to their commitment to us.

Our sustainability goals

Our product

Our product is made from polypropylene which is 100% recyclable, all printing inks are sourced for low odour and eco-friendly credentials along with food-grade low odour glues, all supplied in reduced packaging. Our machines are built by specialist manufacturers to our industry and are modified with specialist engineers or by in-house team. Nearly 50 years of knowledge across our team helps us to maximise output on reduced energy consumption.

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Our community

We are always looking to expand our initiatives outside our four walls. We invest in helping our suppliers and distributors enhance their eco-friendly procedures and are frequently involved in cleaning up the local area. We work very closely with our distributors to ensure they are meeting the same ethos as Tri-pack. We work collectively and as a community to ensure we are doing our bit to protect our planet. We are proud that our commitment to this spans further than our front door.

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Our first and primary goal is for our site to run from 100% renewable energy by 2023. We are continuously questioning how we can become more self-sufficient, and reducing our reliance on the national grid is a great starting point.

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