Our first and primary goal is for our site to run from 100% renewable energy by 2023

We are continuously questioning how we can become more self-sufficient, and reducing our reliance on the national grid is a great starting point.

We will collect back 100% of our packaging from distributors for recycling

By 2023 we would like to be collecting, where possible, 100% of our packaging for it to be cleaned and processed back into pellet form to go back into our products.

90% or more of our production waste will be turned back into recyclable sources

100% of our polypropylene waste is currently recycled on our site, we would like this to be the same for all aspects of the business, from the paper we use to the general everyday waste.

We will continue to support our suppliers to increase their sustainability credentials

Our sustainability promise doesn’t stop at the end of our driveway, we want to help our suppliers and other stakeholders to increase their sustainability credentials too. From the waste they produce to how their product is sourced and everything in between.

Our sustainability goals

Our goal is to continually reduce the impact our business has on the environment and to be as green and eco-friendly as our packaging which is already 100% recyclable.

We are continuously questioning our processes and innovating to find new ways to reduce our waste and improve our energy usage.

Our commitment to The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is also a business commitment that assists in areas such as sustainability and process improvements across all areas.


Our recycable packaging

Renewable energy

Renewable energy onsite at Tri-pack is extremely important and is a continual challenge for business. Tri-pack has a 100kw solar system which allows us to reduce its reliance on the National Grid. We will be investing in another solar system taking the sites solar capacity to 200KW. Our first milestone is a 50/50% split on renewable energy and National Grid. These are the baby-steps in the process to our 100% renewable energy site by 2023.

Our sustainability approach