Sneeze protection screens

As businesses across the country start to prepare to reopen their doors, there is a growing concern of a second peak in the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are required to protect both employees and customers but many are exploiting the market demand by raising prices upwards of 70% for protective equipment.

Tri-packs protective screens start at £15 demanding on the quantity which is 80% less than the average market value from a similar product. Minimum order of 50.

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Portable Protective Screens

80% cheaper than majority of the market place

Tri-pack is aiming to bridge the gap in demand and exploitation by offering a lightweight, portable and significantly cheaper option to what is currently available in the market place.

For many small businesses, the prospect of purchasing expensive equipment after months of closure is daunting, but Tri-pack product is here to help.

Our screens are not bulky perspex which need bolting down or risk of falling over. They are lightweight, can be placed anywhere and just as effective.


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Being made of a lightweight material, Tri-pack protective screens can be easily positioned anywhere within a business. Yet they remain robust and stable once in situ. They are also cost-effective for shipping due to the low weight of a package and can be easily stored without taking up much room when not required.

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100% recyclable

Tri-pack protective screens are made from PP5 which is completely eco-friendly to manufacture and 100% of the protective screen can be recycled after use. Eco-friendly screens are the perfect way of preventing infection spread of COVID-19 and offer protection to your employees and customers.

Varying sizes for multiple uses

Manufactured in custom sizes to suit their positioning, taller versions can be ordered for factory use or office partitions. While smaller options are popular with school desks or shop counters. The versatile design blends into any workspace environment and the incredible clear screen will not hinder vision.


Tri-pack manufacture protective screens for additional protection against COVID-19. Our screens are not a PPE device for general use and shall not be used for purposes other than protection against COVID-19. They also do not provide full protection against the virus and gloves, masks, goggles or other PPE is still recommended for complete protection. But they do aid social distancing and protective from coughs and sneezes.